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Rage seized Karakael as he relived a horror five centuries dead. Ynyoldeh had told Elloran - he had wormed this burred trauma from her - they meant to shame him utterly, to destroy him!

"You slime, Elloran, you despicable creature!" he cried, seizing the serpant by the throat. The shame, the pain, burned in him as freshly as it had five hundred years before. "You know well as I do that we never speak of our past! But in order to destroy me, you've overturned makrugh itself!"

Widly he stared about him. They could see him...they could see his face...he could cover it with gold and lead and ivory and stone and still they could see, they could see..."No! I will not be vulnerable!" he shouted. And he puled the serpent mask by the tongue and ripped it free-

But it was not Elloran.

Karakael recoiled. The hubbub creshcendoed.

"Be still! I am Ton Varushkadan el'Kalar Dath."


"Oh, Kaarye, Kaarye," said Lady Varuneh. "be comforted. I did not tell this story to destroy you, but for another purpose altogether. But my telling it is good for you too; for to heal, you must first accept that you are hurt, Karakael."

And Karakael bowed his head, and the rigdes and hollows within his chryselephantine mask were filled with tears.

It's like an executioner's dance, Siriss thought. It had been terrible to see Karakael crumple before the onslaught of so much truth.


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