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Who: Karakael & Kefka
What: Karakael shows Kefka around his crazy homeworld
When: Shortly after the not!halloween party
Where: Uran S'Varek, and whatever other planets Kefka wants to visit.
Warnings: Probably talking about the past and some slight triggers?

Uran S'Varek is a strange world, accessed by an even stranger highway. The Overcosm was once described as the dreams of the sleeping galaxy, and the crazy-colors that streak through it only serve to highlight that claim. It was only through years of training that Karakael even dared to fly through it alone. But now he is experienced enough to travel with guests and link them to the world he calls his home: Uran S'Varek, the world at the center of the galaxy.

They dematterialize at his palace on the edge of the Southern Rift, an arid wasteland stretching as far as the eye can see in a flat expanse, no curve to the view as the planet beneath them is so large as to seem almost flat. The desert meets the green sky somewhere in the haze of distance, but the scale can be shocking to those who have never been on a super-massive world before.

To the left, desert. To the right, a yawning void of pitch blackness; the entrance into the black hole that takes up the planets heart. It too is massive, simply appearing as a flat plain of total darkness. Between is a ruined city, buildings falling into dust and decay, the only sound of life the echoing voices of children as they call instructions back and forth to each-other, playing war-games in the street as they wait for their master to return.

Karakael turns back to Kefka as his feet hit the ground, and smiles. "Not much to look at, I know. But I call it home."
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