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[Here is Karakael, sitting in a strange, darkly lit room with pulsing walls. He is surrounded by an animated group of people, all arguing and shouting, while he himself remains quietly listening.

If anything, he looks rather bored.]

Gentlemen, I am merely here to facilitate your people's return to the surface. I am not here to debate philosophy, and I am not qualified to touch on theology.

But you wear the sign of the Inquest! You know it must exist, how could you ask us to leave our sacred duty when one of them could return and free us from this penance?

[That gets a...look which luckily is only caught by the camera.]

Every hundred years your society has to rebuild itself from scratch. What ever task your mythical "Inquest" required of you can no longer be performed. Please. Let the sea-riders help -

But surely you do not put any stake into the parasite philosophy -
- or the Fallen Godhood theory -
- or the suggestion that we were placed here as punishment for -
- and it can't be denied that the surface dwellers are -
- we would lose our homes -
- our heritage lies within these walls -
- if the Masked Corruption or Broken Saint were here -

[The last comment makes him snap.]

I'm sure if Ton Karakael were here he would be saying the same things, but perhaps with more expletives. Your gods would act more sensible than you and that is impressive given the idiocy they were apparently prone to. Practicality is not a sin, gentlemen, nor is taking the opportunity to find a future for your civilization.

Your people will die, if not now, then in a hundred years when your dragon-home either dies or mates again. But you will not be given this opportunity again! I am giving you a choice gentlemen, and if you are too shackled by the imagined past to see the possibilities for your future, that is your own business. But please stop throwing around philosophy as excuses for your indecision!

[The camera cuts out, just as the first accusations of heresy are shouted by the gathering, even as others look shocked into agreement with the emissary.]
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