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The Basics
Canon: The Chronicles of the High Inquest
Character Name: Hokh’Ton Karakael z Karakit Karun
Character Journal: [personal profile] masked_god
Player Name: Kaaree
Best contact method: [ profile] karakael

Character Details
Canon Point: Post-Death/Series Finale
Species:Modified Human
Timeline of Important Events in Canon History:
  • ~500 BC (before canon) : Karakael was born on the pleasure world Araang
  • 8yrs
    – His parents attempt to kill him and sell him to a brothel (in that order). It goes poorly.
    - He escapes, pulling on a simple mask to hide his “shame”
    - He returns home, his parents do not recognize him
    - Vara finds him and elevates him to Inquestor due to his trauma
  • 8 – 28 yrs
    -He attends Seminary, earning the title “Ton” and becoming a full Inquestor
    -He meets Elloran and Ynoldeh. They become friends.
  • 100 – 500 yrs
    -He advances through the ranks of Inquestors, eventually ascending to “High Inquestor”
    -In this time he develops a relationship with Ynoldeh, despite her disability
    -He finds Elloran’s sister and hides her on one of his worlds, then leaves her for Elloran to find
    -He never shows his face to anyone, though he tells his story to Ynoldeh.
  • Canon Start/The Light on the Sound
    -Karakael and the other High Inquestors denounce Daveyush for heresy and strip him of his title
  • Book 2/ The Throne of Madness
    -Karakael and Elloran play a game of makrugh with Elloran’s apprentices as game pieces. Elloran wins.
    -Karakael manipulates Arryk into believing his friends and mentor betrayed him. Arryk vows to protect the Inquest
    -Karakael hosts a grand game of makrugh with all the most influential Inquestors. Few find this interesting until the end.
    -Ynoldeh commits suicide, leaving the armories of the Inquest up for grabs.
    -Vara appears and demands that the Inquest Fall, having failed its purpose. She then recounts Karakael’s history, using it as proof of the inherent evil of the system.
    -Karakael, believing Vara to be dead, accuses her of being Elloran, and using his trauma for political gain.
    -Elloran reveals himself and states that he would never hurt his friend in such a way.
    -The Inquestors all choose sides, some supporting the Inquest, others wishing for it to Fall.
    -After the rest leave, Vara confronts Kaaree, asking him to join the side of hope and destruction. He drops his mask, but refuses, declaring that “the breaking of joy is the beginning of wisdom”
  • Book 4/ The Darkling Wind
    -Karakael and Arryk lead the Inquest in its civil war.
    -Sirriss betrays Kelver and joins Arryk. But she then removes herself from the conflict, horrified at what is happening in the galaxy.
    -Arryk chooses to destroy the only true Utopia in the galaxy. Karakael approves, but challenges his protegee’s authority.
    -Arryk strips Karakael of his title.
    -Karakael abandons the side of the Inquest, along with his voice.
    -Karakael joins Sirriss and Elloran in finding a third path through the conflict.
    -At the final confrontation, Siriss explains that the only way to save the galaxy is to remove the taint of the Inquest completely.
    -To prove her point, Karakael self-immolates, followed by the majority of the Inquest.
  • Canon End
    - Karakael is dead, exploded into light, having succeeded in his goal of destroying the Inquest and removing its taint from the universe. In the concluding materials it is hinted that the Inquestors gain the status of legends among many of the now-isolated worlds, which gels into the legend that 'inspired' the Chronicles when the various planets finally regain space-travel. (Karakael's position in the Tarot is "Past Despair")

    Side note: Karakael is not happy that his death has been stolen. He was looking forward to a long sleep, or at the very least an eternity falling into the black hole at the center of the galaxy, watching as the whole universe died with him.


    Karakael is a cruel man that has let his dark childhood color his view of the universe. For years he let his personal pain bleed into the way he treated others, callously using anyone he considers inferior as his game pieces in his quest to undermine other Inquestors in their grand games of makrugh. This arrogance included murdering a woman for her face and toying with the lives of his best friend’s proteges and then setting them against each other. After he was unmasked he fully embraced this tendency to monstrosity to enact his own twisted form of revenge upon the side he supposedly supported, becoming the perfect enemy the rebellion could rally against. Hiding from his past and his demons by wearing masks in the end did nothing to help him, so he fully embraced evil, enacting his pain upon the galaxy that wronged him.

    At no point, however, did he claim his actions are excusable either because “everyone else is doing it” or because he was acting the villain “for the greater good”. Instead, “Revenge is a perfectly good motive”, he says while chiding his protege upon willfully blinding himself rather than accept acting on his own selfish interests. Through his experiences Karakael came to the conclusion that it was better to act selfishly than partake of the hypocrisy that plagued the Inquest for eons.

    But no matter how Karakael claimed to be both monstrous, cruel and beyond redemption his actions speak to at least some spark of goodness in him. He cared deeply for his friend Elloran, and the thought of the other man’s betrayal hurt more even than the death of his lover Ynoldeh. After losing his title he silenced himself in penance for the wrongs he committed. And he used all his abilities and showmanship to convince the others of his cause by committing suicide in the most spectacular fashion possible.

    In the end Karakael believes himself to be fundamentally broken, and he needs only look in a mirror to see the proof of that. In his mind, the only good thing he could do was either be a monster or die. Yet despite this he harbors some hope for the future, giving himself over to a cause in an attempt to eradicate both the wrongs he committed and the structure that allowed people like him to be created.

    Despite his bleak view of the universe and his place in it Karakael takes no small amount of pleasure in being flamboyant and chaotic. He has great fun manipulating people around him, though he’s never quite as good at it as he thinks himself to be. He is sardonic and when acting as himself has a wry sense of humor that comes out in quips and one-liners.

    Abilities, Magic and Supernatural Skills/Afflictions:

    In his home galaxy Karakael possesses many powers due to his station. He is treated like a god, and the omnipresent computer systems that run every world of the Inquest will obey any order (assuming it is not heretical or supersedes an order of a more powerful Inquestor). This manifests in being able to control animals, summon transportation, command child-soldiers, have limited immortality, raise and lower cities, and in general shape the world around him to his whims. But all of this stems not from his own innate abilities, but the technology that allows him to act as a god.

    However, to the outside much of what he does might be misconstrued as spells, akin to a cleric begging a deity to provide for them and then producing miracles. This could easily translate into being rather good at spells, though he would be convinced that he was interfacing with some kind of mad super-computer, rather than the power existing within him.

    Thus Kaaree's skills upon losing his title and power are less mystical and more practical:

  • Limited immortality: he will not die from aging or disease
  • Commanding presence: weak-willed creatures will defer to him
  • Disguise: Karakael can easily create disguises, both physical and illusory
  • Impersonation: with a few hours of observation Karakael can easily mimic a person so well that their close friends and family will be fooled
  • Closed mind: Mind reading and thought-manipulation is near-impossible on Kaaree
  • Language: Karakael picks up languages very quickly. This applies to computer coding as well.
  • Illusion: Karakael's control over illusions goes past simply altering himself, but also to altering his surroundings with uncanny attention to detail

    Dragon & Magical Element
    Elemental Alignment:

      Karakael revels in darkness, at one point claiming to be “the shadow of a shadow’s shadow” (This makes sense within the context of the universe: the government is a “shadow” of the galaxy, existing to pull the strings and keep everything running smoothly. Thus the rebellion is the shadow of a shadow; the light that will pierce through the Inquest’s darkness. Those critical of both sides, and those inherently darkened by their experiences under the Inquest are thus “shadows of a shadow’s shadow”.) Karakael is one of the more vocal shadows, choosing to engage with the changing universe and make his mark upon the ending, unlike many of the other older Inquestors who chose to remain silent to the war raging round them. Throughout the series he acts as a dark foil to other characters who identify themselves with purity, kindness and light, inevitably showing that their ideals and goals are not nearly as perfect as they believe and there is nothing free from ambiguity. In the end he is even willing to change himself, pursuing a “grey” path rather than fully submitting to the Dark Path of the Inquest or the Twisted Light that wished to replace it, instead preferring to end himself and free the world from his taint.

      Karakael himself is a master of illusion and masks, preferring to manipulate and control others not through blackmail or political posturing but instead through carefully crafted personas and leading suggestions. He also is well acquainted with the underworlds of any given world, using his childhood history as fodder for controlling others through their own vices and desires. He rules not from compassion (as is the ideal for all Inquestors) but from fear or benign neglect, enjoying watching to see how isolated situations develop into large-scale chaos.

      This one is pretty self-explanatory. Not only is Karakael changeable and very much ruled by his emotions, more so than other Inquestors, he also literally lit himself on fire and went out in an explosion. Karakael is comfortable with violence and more than willing to act out on his baser urges, and far more willing to own up to his own desires…and when unmasked own up to his own faults as well.

      Also, he attempted to cleanse the galaxy via fire, preferring to destroy the old order completely so that humanity could be reborn in a universe untainted by the Inquest.

      Karakael fits "energy" in two ways, both the literal and the metaphorical.

      As a High Inquestor he demonstrated the ultimate a human could achieve with in the galaxy; commanding unthinkable political power, enough to destroy whole planets at his whim, holding immense material wealth while also commanding armies and ruling countless planets. But his whole life could be seen as a perfect example of how illusory that power was - with a mere ten words everything was stripped from him.

      In comparison, the truly powerful entities of his galaxy were the sentient stars and black holes which quite literally created and consumed energy. In comparison to these creatures the needs of humanity seem near meaningless, but at the same time the death of stars was what the whole Inquest's real power was based upon: their seat of power was upon the world surrounding the super-massive (and sentient) black hole at the center of the galaxy. By draining stars of their energy as they fell into the black hole the Inquest could command unthinkable amounts of actual power, upon which their metaphorical power was based. This power was allowed the Inquest to achieve Faster-Than-Light Travel and connect the entire habitable galaxy in one galactic empire by literally ripping apart space-time itself. Without this power the galaxy fell back into a long dark age, worlds isolated by the vast emptiness of space until they once again discovered the Tacheon dimension.

      To summarize, as an Inquestor Karakael commanded both metaphorical power and true energy, warping the very fabric of reality to his will. That energy he used to alter the status quo and challenge everything that humanity had been conditioned to believe over eons. Karakael is a deft political actor and is never afraid to use power to get what he wants (though it often backfires rather terribly on him).

    The technical name for the species is Pteratyger, and they live up to their names. Within the books the Pteratyger were cat-like creatures with wings, about three times the size of a horse and easily capable of flying. Karakael’s specimen has been altered to better fit with Osaaru’s species. Beginning life as a tiny creature about the size of a basketball, the dragon comes out of its shell an ugly creature looking to be a cross between a pink lizard and a hairless cat. To Karakael it looks eerily like an Kshatriya; a species of birds that would embalm themselves in their own tears. As it grows it develops fur-like feathers upon its body along with its wings, eventually growing into a Pteratyger as a juvenile. Should it survive into full adulthood it will become a more traditional dragon, standing at giant size and retaining its semi-furred appearance only on its legs and wings, the rest easing back into its original scales. It grows into a dark red color that matches the shade of Karakael’s eyes, but begins as a pale, splotchy pink.

    Egg - Hard Shelled, Dark Red run through with black cracks, about the size of a basketball.
    Baby - Shoulder-sized, pink and ugly with deep folds of flesh upon its face
    Juvenile - Medium-sized, light red scales and feather-fur, looking a bit like a large cat with wings
    Adult - Giant-sized, dark red scales and smatterings of feather-fur on its legs and wings.

    Personality traits inherited from Character Bond:
    Rahula is just as cocky as its master, enjoying being in the center of attention and just as demanding as any regular newborn. Its humor will develop with age, but it begins with simple pranks and grows into more cat-like antics. It appears quite intelligent, mimicking its master in its ability to seem smarter than it actually is. It has a penchant for getting into trouble and is quite stubborn when defending itself and what it believes to be right. It also loves ‘art’, thought its taste begins with simple shiny objects and develops into collecting sculpture and masks, amassing a hoard akin to its masters collection of “a million masks”.

  • Dramatic
  • Arrogant
  • Sardonic
  • Courageous
  • Stubborn

    Writing Samples
    First Sample:Heading the Call

    The call was visceral, cutting through all the normal barriers he had set up in his mind. Nevertheless, he tried to ignore it, shutting out the pitiful yearning cries as he explored his surroundings. He didn’t need to be a genius to realise what was happening. Not with so many others sporting dragons of their own. Not with the knowledge of why he had been brought back cheered from to the heavens by the idiotic peasants of this god-plagued world. But following the ache in his heart would mean accepting it all; his survival, his powerlessness, his becoming a tool to the mad gods of this world and being drawn into their intrigues.

    He would not become a pawn in another’s game. He told himself that again and again as the cries only became more desperate, until his feet involuntarily turning to the Heart of Nuren and lead him up the winding walk till he came once again to his senses and fled deeper into the city.

    The last time he came to was in the dark, deep within the cave, hand already extended to touch the ugly little rock which held his dragon. Instantly he drew his hand back. And then he couldn’t be angry, for at least the gods had given him one last choice. A day of hell, begging him to take up this task, and yet fate abandoned him on the threshold. Now, finally, he could turn away and be heard. Finally he could choose to return to nothingness, to the end he had chosen for himself, and damn the gods who would expect otherwise.

    The answer was simple, easy, and he turned away even as he heard the tell-tale crack of the egg breaking behind him. Leave the damn thing to starve and wither for all he cared.


    Yet he hesitated, curiosity taking the place of fate. What kind of creature would the gods of this place give him? What would they chose for a monstrous man such as himself? He had seen other dragons, sitting regally perched on elegant shoulders or frolicking behind children, each so clearly a reflection of their master. So what would his be like? What kind of creature could possibly capture all his history in one little form?

    He was turning, knowing he was lost before even he saw the creature.

    The dragon shoved at the last of shell and tumbled out, ugly, ungainly, and covered in the slick of birth. It had no care of the mental battle its master was undergoing. Nor did it care about gods or heroes or saving world. All it cared for was getting out of the confining little bubble that it had found itself in.

    One more push, one more scrape, and there it lay, feet splayed and wings askew, forcing itself into the world no matter who or what wanted it. And it looked up into the eyes of its master and damned anyone who would hold it back.

    Karakael took one look at the creature, ugly and undignified, nothing like the regal creatures he had seen on the streets.

    And he laughed. Laughed until he fell to his knees, then laughed some more, until red tears prickled at his eyes. The dragon pulled itself to its feet, wobbling, and sent its master a haughty look before tumbling once again to the ground, only making Karakael laugh more.

    “An enbalming bird. They gave me a damn Kshatriya.” Still laughing Karakael reached out and gathered the creature into his arms, not caring a wit about the stains the creature left in its wake on his shimmercloak. In turn the dragon probed his mind, demanding in its infant thought to know its name, to know its master, to know the world.

    They settled on a name in the same instant, and it lapped red tears off Karakael’s cheeks as he welcomed it into the world. His little fetter. The only thing that could tie him to life.


    Second Sample: Job Hunt

    Karakael had never considered that he would ever need to have a job. Gods didn't have such things. Inquestors were above it all. Once, his only duty had been to rule, and that was hardly something one could put on a resume.

    But he had lost his title, then his life, and now he had been reborn upon a world that demanded at least some effort from him. And he could at least attempt to fit in. So he found himself opening a small shop in a busy market in the city, and doing the one thing that came natural to him.

    The masks that hung on the tiny shop walls were of all colors and materials, showing a range of skills that only a man over five hundred years old could have mastered. Here there was a chrome-plated smile, there a leather-worked creation of tangled leaves; some full face masks, others merely covering the eyes or one side of the face; some were simple white or black, others plain with small garnishes, others radiant in half a hundred hues. There were masks of every culture and time, and more besides. Each mask was unique, and each a marvel to look at, though the shop proprietor wore no mask at all.

    Despite the scars and the ripped fabric that make his face look closer to a mummy than that of a human man, Karakael was more than willing to use his star-power as a Scion to win a customer. Rahula, usually perched on his shoulder or curled upon one of the display masks, was more than willing to preen before a locals eyes, especially if that meant a sale or chin rubs. Dignity was something the dragon had in short supply, where as the proprietor seemed to have it in spades, despite his odd appearance.

    He spoke to anyone, and always seemed to have the perfect mask on hand.

    Perhaps you would like one?

    Third Sample: An old sample log
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