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Personal Archive: Hok'Ton Karakael
Entry Type: Voice, transcribed
Subject: Thoughts on scouting mission number...

Damn. [His voice shakes slightly, and there is a rustle of fabric]

Thoughts on meeting an old friend.
Personal Date: approximately fifteen thousand four hundred twenty six years since the fall of the Inquest.
Official Date: 10673 P.F.

Accidents in time )
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Karakael sat, thoughtfully looking a the questionnaire Vara had requested he complete. It was long, but not unusual. Still, it was odd that she asked it to be filled out as an explanation to a Earthling. But he would do as she asked, just as always, uncomplaining.

100 facts meme )
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Well, my entire universe is back. That is...comforting. I am not quite sure how it happened, but I would like to thank who ever did it.

I believe I shall leave the children a bit longer is Saffron city. While I must ascertain the damage that has been done, they deserve a break. And I have yet to find a place quite so safe and inviting for children. (I am continuously surprised by other universes. True, this place is far from a Utopia, but I have never met a people so accepting. The hotel staff barely blinked at my regiment. Amazing.)
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I managed to survive a night with The Visitor, and managed to not break any bones in the process. Amazing.

Apparently, being God is a calming influence.
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This community is proving to be more dangerous than I previously anticipated. I return from quelling a rouge thinkhive and what do I find? Some misogynist fool about to bring all hell down upon himself. When will people learn that it is dangerous to say such things around -ah- excitable females?

Oh well. Hopefully this next universe to be explored will prove less dangerous. And if I bring her with me mayhap she will never see the offending post...

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Excerpt from “Bookleggers and Memorizers: a Study of world 340U964 )

Miller, Walter M, Jr, A Canticle for Leibowitz. J. B. Lippincott & Co, New York, 1959 ))
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<small>((ooc: part of the Summer Vacation semi-plot. Sorry for it being so long!))
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Report 78644: “On the world plagued by angels”  – investigating alternate universe 01
-Karakael z Karakit Karun, on order of Vara the Darkling Wind

((OOC: So begins Karakaels "summer vacation". He should be posting both RLs and similar 'reports' all through out the summer. All of the information he gives should be accurate to each book, though it might pertain to unimportant details. 

Tepper, Sheri S. A Plague of Angels. New York: Bantam, 1993

If you are wondering, yes I am a complete book-geek))
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[[Not my best work, but I figured that would be a good set up. Karun was a pleasure planet during the High Inquest, and Karakaels homeworld. Gravcoasters are amusement park rides, and thinkhives are computers that ran almost everything in Inquest. Servocorpses are reanimated human corpses, used for almost any job a programer can think of. (Such as the Theater of Dark Fantasy, otherwise known as necrodrama.) 

At the moment Karakael is stuck between two universes, and is experiencing a seriously disturbed reality. He can't touch most things, and is living the same day over and over again. His nifty ability to travel through the overcosm is no longer functioning. Basically, hes in a lot of trouble.

Q-mun all you have to do is have Q show up. Karakael will explain the rest.]]

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At the moment I am in pain, recovering from a week of rather unfortunate circumstances. What makes it worse is that I cannot tell Vara about it, because she'll invite the culprit over for tea.

Still. I feel quite justified in complaining. I could barely walk by the time I reached Uran S'Varek. And the swellings still haven't gone. The only thing that could make this week worse is if Vara found out what I was up to...

I already did dear. And I DO like The Visitor, just as you suspected. I've already set up a play date for you two~
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Karakael stood, calmly staring at chaos. It grew easier with practice, staring at the whirls of color and sound. Years ago it would have blinded him. Now he could travel through it easily. He just need a destination...a small device at his side beeped, and he smiled. He had worried that through the time dialation his message wouldn't reach the lady Delirium in time. But he doubted anyone else would send a neon blue fish to guide his way.

The fish stared at the swirling colors, looking put upon. Then it found the sent to home, and darted off among the kalidoscope of colors. With a nod, Karakael followed.
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Strange...In my research into ancient civilizations I seem to have stumbled upon a link to alternate worlds. Pitty it is only open through electronic pathways. Still, I hope to learn much about different worlds through this. Maybe-no a Utopia is too much to ask for. For now I will wait and watch.

-A few minuts later-

My supirior is under the opinion that a forum for my thoughts would be helpful to my 'mental state'. I suppose a diary, or journal  as the case may be, would be apropreate. Though why I would open my innerthoughts to some stranger, and force them into an archaic language like 'English' - but I must do what Vara comands. Even if it is underprotest. 

So, and introduction is needed.

My name is Karakael. My full title is quite a bit lengthier( Hok'Ton Karakael z Karakit Karun) but quite meaninless. I no longer hold the office of 'Grand Inquisitor', nor is the planet I came from still orbiting Karun. That life ended 5,000 years ago. Now I am the 'cultural atache' of the most powerful force in the universe, a job which lends it self to short periods of research and long periods of meaninless 'paperwork'.

I have few friends, and fewer enemies. Undermy command is a battilion of Childsoldiers, their lives artificially lengthened match mine. Often they are the only human companion ship I have for centuries, so I have grown quite fond of them, irritating though they may be. My 'master' if you could use such a crass term for the artificial intellegence that controls this galaxy is named Vara. She is not a pleasant, or easy creature to appease, likely because of her link to the black hole that she shares concious with. As the centuries go on she becomes less and less of the mentor I knew, and more the cold 'Throne of Madness' that is her thinkhive body.

It should be known that I have both a quick temper and a habit of holding grudges. Vara has tried to remove it, claming that it sullies my character. I don't particularly want to loose more of my personality to her medicins. I have earned my right to hatered, and know quite a bit more about humanity that most of my race. I will not deny that my past is ...dark, but I will say that the society that caused it is long gone, and that I have 'Given up my Evil ways and Repented'. (For all those childeren in the auduence, Lighting oneself on fire is a good way to redeam and unredeamble character. But you should check first that your death should accomplish something, and that you can succeed in killing yourself. I still don't know which was worse; the physical pain, or watching my daughter follow me...)

Why do I speak of things past? They matter little to me now. Events of 10,000 years ago shouldn't matter. Even if my galaxy is still recovering from the blight the Inquest held over it. Ah well. "The breaking of happyness is the beginning of wisdom." Like wise the darkening of memory is the begining of joy.

For now that will have to do. My rest cycle will soon be over, and Vara wishes me to research a new planet, to see if her reach toutches it too.

-Good evening.


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